Parts We Keep In Stock:

Junk Basket Gauge Rings, #05, #10, #20, & #25, Various Tubing & Casing Crossover Subs, (ranging from 3/4″ to 13-3/8″).

Lubricator Quick Unions & Lubricator Sections, Night Caps, & 1502 Unions Parts.

Pump out Guides Designed to Pump out in 400# Increments. Great For Snubbing in Packer Assembly’s & Testing

After Set. Then Shear out for Full ID Bore, & Wireline Guides W/ Mule Shoe.

Bottom Pressure Assemblies, For Coil Capillary Tubing Chemical Injection.

Drop Bars, & Weight Bars.

Production Packer Assembly Parts Built to Your Specifications:

Packer Bore Receptacles, Pkr Mandrels, Internal & External Slips, Btm Adapters, Cones

Tubing Adapters, SMX, & SMXN Profile Nipples, Flow Couplings, & Wireline Guides.

Setting Sleeves, Hydraulic Setting Tools.

Seal Assembly Parts:

Tubing Locators, Seal Mandrels, & Seal Extensions.

Composite Bridge Plugs, & Cement Retainers.

Wireline Tools, Slick Line, & E-Line, Sand Bailers.

TCP Firing Head Assembly Parts, Drop Bars.

Well Head Equipment:

Casing Heads, Tubing Heads, Spools, Tubing & Casing Hangers.

Tubing Head Adapter Flanges, Crosses, Tee’s & Control line Modifications.

Wear Bushings, Tester Plugs, & Retrieving Tools.

Industrial Parts For:

Cotton Industry, Refinery, & Marine